In designing a bedroom, sometime we should put and add some functional furniture like sofa, couch, bed set, curtain, porcelain, cabinet, table, etc. We can put every furniture on every side in our room, but it should match with the design of our home or home design interior.

For some people, maybe they will put couch only in the living room, porcelain in the living room, table in kitchen room, dining room, and family room. However, some small people try to put that furniture in the bedroom.

In this article, the author will give all of you tips and steps in designing sweet bedroom for daughter and entirely with the furniture as porcelain and couch that maybe for some people it not match to stay in the bedroom.

This tips will match for you who have a large home with the large bedroom size.

Choose the theme for the daughter room

Choose the theme and combine it with the color that matches. For the theme, you can select the flower theme for your daughter, who has a soft character, and you can choose the adventure theme for your daughter, who has a dynamic personality.

Then you can find the color of theme which match with the theme in your daughter’s bedroom. For the calm daughter, you can mix the pink color with the combination of white and green.

For the active daughter, you can combine the blue color with the brown carved. In these steps, do not forget to choose the couch and porcelain which match with the bedroom theme.

Follow this advice to help you with putting the furniture

Paint the sweet bedroom with the color which matches with the character of your daughter. Then, take some critical furniture as bed set and cabinet and put it in the middle of the room.

After that, put the couch in the corner of the bedroom. In the in front of the coach, you can add the small size table. The couch and table are one set, so it should have the same theme, color, and design.

Make the set of couch and table match with the curtain design from the color and motive

For the bed set, you can apply the flower motive for the calm daughter and the abstract motive picture for the active daughter. The next steps put the porcelain in the near and middle of windows. Put it and add the flower.

If you still have a large room, you can also make a small library in some corner of the bedroom and entirely with the cabinet wall to put your daughter’s book.

The sweet couch in the bedroom can give your daughter a place to study, reading book, and rest.

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