Every people has their taste in having bathroom ideas. The one wants some different nuances in the bathroom. Nowadays, there are many bathroom ideas, such as making a natural nuance in the bathroom.

A blend of natural materials that are used as wall coverings and flooring and greenery provide a different taste sensation in the bathroom. The cleansing body activities feel more relaxed and enjoyable.

Nature in The Bathroom

Is it saturated with your bathroom design today? Just change the design! The natural beauty of the inspiration seems to be one that is often applied to the design of the bathroom.

Various ways can be done to bring the natural atmosphere in the bathroom, ranging from an easy way to improve the entire appearance of the design.

The first approach is to create a broad way to the outside. The bathroom should be connected with the outdoor space such as parks to get a maximum natural feel. If the area is adequate space, separate wet and dry function space.

For example, by placing a bath or shower in the outdoor space. If it is not possible, make the full window presenting a view of the air vent to the outside.

If you have a garden around the house or the beautiful natural scenery, design the bathroom facing directly to the outside. Then, you plug the full glass instead of one wall.

This design not only makes your bathroom feel spacious. Natural light from outside will enter your bathroom. Fresh air can flow in when the shelter is revealed.

The next way of bathroom ideas to get natural nuance is to use natural materials such as sandstone, andesite, palimanan, coral, granite, or even bamboo and wood as wall coverings and flooring.

The color and composition of the material can perform a natural impression, so the bathroom feels like one with nature.

You can maximize the function of natural rocks to turn your bathroom. These natural stones could put on the floor around the shower, bathtub, or the sink or under the tap.

You could select the type of material that the surface is not slippery and give the coating layer so that the matter is not easy to mold.

You can add a good crop of ornamental plants, or plant life as an accentuation of space. You could arrange the potted plants in the corners of the area.

In addition to functioning as a decorative element, particular plants even have benefits as odor absorber and an oxygen source. You could use some plants, such as sansevieria or aloe vera.

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