A bed is an item of essential furniture in the bedroom. Every person has their type or style of bed. The forms of bed determine the effect of the quality when the people sleep. Nowadays, there are many styles of bed. And people can choose it as they want.

But, actually, people also should know about choosing the right and comfortable bed. Because the incorrect election bed can cause some health problems.

And it can decrease the quality of a person’s sleep. So, people should pay attention to it well. Here, some types of bed can be your choice.

1. Trundle Bed

The trundle bed consists of 2 in 1 bed, and it is upper-under beds. Under-bed is made smaller than the upper bed so that it can be pulled and pushed into the drawer as people want.

This bed is also designed to save space, it is very suitable used by couples who still have young children, and they even sleep with parents in a bedroom.

This bed is also the right solution for children who often move actively during sleep. An extra bed (down bed) can be used for his safety. So, parents should not worry if the children move freely during sleep. This bed is one of is a big bed because it can save space.

2. Platform or Stage Bed

The platform bed is often called cabin beds is suitable to fill the minimalist bedroom. This bed has a characteristic that is simple, clean, and classic.

As a buffer, this bed has a single stage, and a box-shaped frame is comprising geometric wood boards. This platform framework is flexible enough to be moved because it is not too heavy.

This framework is also useful for ventilation beds, so it is relatively free from bothering odor and fungus, making it more durable. In several variants, this bed is also equipped with a drawer placed underneath.

The platform beds are popular nowadays, especially for those of you who want a minimalist bedroom, these beds can be the right choice.

3. Panel Bed

The types of this bed are usually made of wood and similar to a platform bed. The differences between panel bed and the platform bed are this type has bed frame which has four boards that frame the mattress on the four sides. This bed is more relatively higher than the platform bed.

The headboard is decorated with ornate carvings, upholstery and has panels to frame. The function of headboard decorate with ornate carvings is as the focal point of this bed.

Sometimes, this bed also completed by the shorter foot-board than the headboard. So, this bed is also still popular, because it has a simple ornament.

That’s all about some most popular bed nowadays, and you can choose your style.

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