Tidying the small bathrooms and looked boring could make a house feel more comfortable and sparkling. Regardless of whether you want to replace the tiles and get new bathroom fixtures or just looking for a way to bring energy into the room, then this is a trick that can be used to make the bathroom to make it look more spacious and comfortable. There are some tips to decor your bathroom.

1. Choose Paint Colors Wisely

Paint the room with highly contrasting colors can make the room appear smaller, so choose a paint that is not too different from the tiled bathroom. For example, if the cream-colored tile, then paints the walls with dark blue color can make a room feel cramped.

Choose a younger beige, light orange, pale blue, or other colors that are not too bright. If you prefer bold colors, consider painting the walls with neutral colors and add more colorful wall periphery. This bathroom decor will make your small bathroom feels so relax.

2. Take Advantage of a Natural Light Shower

Even a small bathroom decor can become a once peaceful and soothing refuge in the house if it has good natural light. If possible, please don’t close the window with dark curtains or blinds. Put curtains or blinds with bright colors such as oatmeal or cream; make sure the material is thick enough.

You can also put a curtain that only covered half the bottom of the window so that light can enter through the upper half of the window. If the bathroom is out of sight of people, open the curtains or blinds for light to enter.

3. Replace Light Yellowish Ceiling

If your bathroom has fashioned ceiling lights dark yellow-found in many bathrooms decor, it is an easy way to change the bathroom lighting with something more modern. Choose lights that help illuminate the bathroom with white light instead of yellow, because yellow light makes the room seem dark and small.

The small hanging lamp is an excellent choice for small bathrooms decoration; This adds an elegant lighting effect without taking up too much space. Track lighting (lamps are mounted on rails) can also give the appearance of a larger room.

4. You Also Can Add Functional Rack in Bathroom Decor

Bathrooms tend to have limited floors, but what about the unused area at the top of the toilet or next to the window? If the bathroom has a wall that is not widely used, consider installing a sturdy shelf where you can store towels, shampoo and soap up, or small ornaments.

Be sure to place the rack on top of the head-you certainly, do not want to forehead hit every time out of the shower. If you have an empty corner, choose a corner shelf to maximize space.

You can apply it and make the creative decoration for your minimalist bathroom.

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