It is challenging to define luxury homes in the most special terms because in usual, types of houses have different shapes, models, dimensions, and designs. However, a glimpse of a luxury home is a stately home, spacious, elegant interior, exterior design, and synonymous with expensive and classy furniture.

Manufacture of luxury home architecture design must necessarily involve more than one power of professional architects. That’s because there are many variations of exterior and interior design so that each part requires special handling. Practically, almost all luxury home models in Indonesia refer to European-style architectural designs.

That can be seen from the architectural design of the luxury home itself, which has large pillars. The big columns of the house are on the front and sides. Of course, the placement of these big pillars is the symbol of luxurious mansions that are majestic, sturdy, and seem ‘masculine’.

Luxury homes are ordinarily designed with many points and geometric components if they form porch, pillars, terraces, or facades. This home is inversely related to the general concept of a minimalist home. A box, plain dominates the minimalist home, and almost without ornamentation.

Staying in the architectural design of luxury homes such as in Greece, Turkey, Italy, Spain, and other European countries today is not only limited to dreams.

In Indonesia, at this time has developed a luxury home design that adopts the architectural style of houses in developed countries such as countries in Europe. The architectural design of this model is a Mediterranean-style house, with a concept like this; We hope someone can live in a modern luxury housing and can be easily realized.

The decorative elements, as well as primary colors, are applied to the walls of the house into one architectural design of the original Mediterranean home. Indeed, most homes with Mediterranean concepts tend to use natural terracotta colors or other colors such as classic European homes.

The thickness and density of the painting process, in general, are not the same as minimalist houses or other houses. Uniquely, the Mediterranean model can be implemented to any size house. The design is very proper for housing in tropical countries.

The style of Mediterranean home architecture design is more flexible and has a distinctive character. There is a particular part of the field of the home design that distinguishes the Mediterranean from other home designs.

Mediterranean house roof models usually use a ridge design, while the walls are dominated by natural elements such as stone art or marble that are of higher value.

The window dimension is smaller than an ordinary house and is generally a rectangular box with a curved half top design. The main door design is Spanish, mainly Renaissance style and classic European home. But there is also a square door model is also equipped with a ventilation rectangle or a semicircle.

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