The comfort of a bed is not only influenced by the type of mattress but also frames the mattress/bed mattress/bed frame. Eventually, many people forget to perform maintenance on a bed frame. As a buffer mattress, bed frame to consider treatment.

Imagine if your mattress bed frame was broken, you certainly will not be able to sleep comfortably even if you have latex mattress though. Here are some ways you can do to treat the bed frame at home.

Clean Routine

The wood frame is more natural to dusty. You should clean it routinely 3-5 days. You do this by using a chamois cloth or a dry cloth. Wipe all parts of the mattress frame surface dust. If the bed frames using wood material, don’t use too much water because it can cause carved wooden frames.

Wood is Better

When buying the bed frame, consider the primary material of the bed frame. Wooden bed frame would be better compared to the metal material.

The bed frame which is made of metal easily corroded and tends to ‘squeak’. The wood material is more durable and long-lasting. Choose good quality wood that can be used for years.

Clean Inside

When cleaning the bed frame, not to the extent seen by the eye only. Clean the inside of the bed frame. The trick is, lifting the mattress first. Then wash using a cloth.

The type of bed frame has been generally coated with a material such as leather, synthetic leather, or making it easier to clean. Do you wipe across the inside of the bed frames?

If you are still a traditional futon frame, do not forget to check the timber supports. Is it still solid all? Then wash buffer timber also susceptible to dust under the bed.

Do not Jump

The bed frame will be broken if the pressure is too stout and big. Bed frames are built to withstand a lot of pressure evenly, not quick and enormous weight. Jumps can also make your bed in the middle of the mattress curved.

Pay Attention the Position

Do not place the bed frame in a position attached to the wall, even if your bed is in the corner of the space.

Give a little distance between bed frames with walls, to minimize dust attached directly to the bed frame in addition to avoiding the damp of the walls attached.

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