Home is the place where we are living and doing most of our activities. For a specific purpose, the house should be comfortable and match with our specifications. One of the essential things, when we want to build a home, is the concept, the architecture design for our home.

In this part, we will discuss a kind of architecture design for the home such Mediterranean idea, oriental concept, modern concept, and minimalist concept. Those designs have different characteristics that make them unique as your home.

Let’s move to the first concept, called the Mediterranean concept. As same as the name, Mediterranean is adapted from most of the building in Europe in 1980. One of the specific things that indicate as the Mediterranean is the pillars.

This architecture design for home uses big windows, big doors, and towering columns as the representation of glamour or luxury. Not only that, this design is close to nature. Nature is the biggest inspiration in the Mediterranean concept.

The color theme is quite important too. Usually, this concept uses a natural color such as brown, red, or yellow as the color. It is quite different from the oriental concept.

The oriental concept is a kind of architecture design for a home that more complex and much of detail. It appears in the use of wood curving to cover the doors, windows even the wall.

The interior has many additional accessories such as porcelain, paint, and most of the interiors that adapted from Asian or oriental architecture. Most of the accessories are created from Rosewood, Cedars, Bamboo, etc. Most of the people may have some modern touch of their home.

The modern concept is an architecture design for a home that focuses on functional purpose. Globalization affects people’s ways of thinking. They want to more efficient and more practical.

The essential aim of modern concepts is the using of technologies in their life. This kind of architectural concept is not using many ornaments, but there is a kind of design that almost as same as the modern concept called the minimalist concept.

As same to modern design, the minimalist design focuses on the functional too, but they use geometrical and dimensional aspects that more minimalist. Although the focus on the practical element focuses on the useful term, minimalist architecture design for home does not lose an aesthetics and luxury aspect.

We can use this concept in a small place. It helps to maximize the rooms we need so that the rooms look large and comfortable. It uses a simple construction that is not using pretty much wall.

Those are the architecture design for a home that you can choose. How the way you want to construct your home depends on what you need for because each of the concepts has plus and minus. Enjoy your rooms.

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