Watching the movie not only entertains us but also we can get some idea to design our home. We can see that there is some most magnificent architecture in the world whom we can see their design in the movie.

We can look at it from the movie set. Maybe at the hospital, home, palace, indoor, and outdoor. I think we are not strange to the film of Harry Potter. Harry potter movie inspired me to make the dining room design and complete with the dining table and some dining chairs.

When Harry, Ron, and Harmonie begin their adventure in Hogwarts Magic School, we can see that they are shocking in looking at the most magnificent and glamour dining room.

There are some dining chair and table that it is stacked very long with the combination of great beautiful lamp and amazing high wall classical decoration.

In this movie, we can see that Harry and his friend immensely enjoyed joining the dinner time in the fantastic dining room setting. They sit orderly in their dining chairs and eat some delicious foods in the dining table.

After I analyze the design of the dining room in this movie, I can know that the classical dining room theme is very influent in this movie. Based on the fantastic dining room design in the Harry Potter movie, I want to make and apply this idea in my dining room.

Okay, guys, the simple but important thing that we must do before we apply the idea of the Harry Potter dining room is making consideration of the dining room size with some aspect of dining room furniture as a lamp, dining chair, and dining table.

In these steps, we can make the dining room size match with some dining component so the dining scene can be saved. It can be a solution for you who have small, medium, and large dining room size.

The small dining room size needs the un over furniture so you can make the small dining room set. For example, you can put one dining table and four dining chairs, or you can make it match with the number of your family.

Then, the medium dining room can be more life when you add some pictures in the wall of the dining room and the small sweet lamp. Next, for the large dining room size, you can free to add and put some furniture that you want to put it in your dining room as long as it is not over.

Do not forget to put the idea of a Harry Potter castle dining room in your home. The main of this design is the brown color room decoration with the gloaming effect from the golden lamp.

In applying the brown color, we can use the brown dining chair and dining table with the wood materials. We can paint the wall with a cream color and give some classical pictures to make it more glamour.

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