How to design a bedroom with an attached bathroom? This design leads to the structure of your bedroom, and then before you build a house, you need to add bathroom structure in the bedroom.

Below are three ways to design a bedroom and bathroom inside. How to create a bedroom and bathroom in the same area?

1. Prepare the Room for the Shower Inside

In making a bathroom design inside the bedroom, make sure about the area. Areas that are usually used as a bathroom in the bedroom was in the corner of the room.

You can start measuring the width and length of a bathroom in which you need. The bathroom can be large or small, depending on the size of your bedroom.

If your bedroom allows for a bathroom in the large-sized complete with all kinds of bathroom fixtures, such as bathtub, shower, sink, and toilet.

Nevertheless, if your bedroom can only be designed with a minimalist bathroom, all you need is an essential bathroom fixture such as a shower and toilet.

2. Design a Bathroom Inside

Bathroom design depends on what is in the bathroom. You can design it in simpler terms, for example, the simple ceramics for floors and bathroom walls, shower walls, and white toilet.

If you want a bathroom inside look more beautiful, you can use a colored and patterned ceramic more attractive.

Especially for bathroom design in a minimalist, use minimalist furniture that can save your bathroom space. Another thing to note related to the design of the bathroom is the shower door.

The bathrooms are located inside the bedroom will surely make your bedroom feel moister. Choose the design of the bathroom door right, so that both the smell and dirt bathroom does not spread throughout your bedroom.

3. Design a Bedroom and Bathroom Inside

Teens usually want a bedroom and bathroom that located in the same room have the same design. For example, when the base color is a blue bedroom, the bathroom usually would follow the blue color. Similarly, the design style that is in the bedroom.

When a person’s bedroom design is a modern style, then as much as possible, the bathroom should be designed in a contemporary style.

Why Do We Need to Design a Bedroom and Bathroom Inside?

The bathrooms inside the bedroom the most widely used in the boarding houses. The aim is to provide more space in the outdoor bedroom. It is needed to save some area that you can use for other things.

It has a private bathroom in your bedroom is nice, but it is your responsibility as the owner of the room must be considered.

The bathroom was in need to clean regularly and clean because it is situated in the bedroom. Small equipment such as mats to absorb the water in front of the bathroom door can be very important so that the water that falls does not spread throughout the room bedroom.

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