If we talk about the bedroom, it seems like it never ends. Nowadays, there are so many styles of bed can be placed in the bedroom.

The functions are as a resting place homeowners from everyday activities certainly make its function cannot be ignored. For those of people who have a spacious living room, bedroom set course; it is not too difficult.

Unlike you which has a small room to your bedroom, of course, you have to be smart to utilize existing space. One trick to overcome the lack of space is to use a bunk bed.

With the advances in the world of interior design; the bed level is now also growing in terms of design and functionality.

Tips for organizing a simple room with a small space can be read in so many references. There are various matters you should examine if you want to apply the bed level, especially the bunk bed in your room.

Here are some things that could be regarded as for you.

1. Design

Design is not just the model of the bed level, but also the design of your room. If you embrace the concept of minimalist or contemporary idea or the other, adjust your bunk bed models with the theme of your room.

2. Size

The size by which I mean not just the size of the bed level, but the size of the room, make sure the bunk bed you buy to fit in your room.

Remember not only the length and width but also high, leaving a space between the bed on the ceiling, at least 1 meter.

3. Layout

Make sure you have the concept of the layout of your bedroom in using bunk bed, make sure which side of the bed. Put your level, so that you can determine the size of the bed level that you will buy with precision.

4. Material

There are several choices of bed material level of a bunk bed, including iron and wood. Excess iron material is stronger and more durable, but the wood has advantages with the flexibility of its design.

If you choose the wood material, make sure you select quality wood, teak, for example, is related to security.

5. Quality

When you choose to use bunk bed, make sure the bed level that you buy has a high quality, especially in doing and finishing. Consider the strength of the construction again, because two beds are overlapping, very dangerous if the bed level up falling on the bottom bunk.

It is better you buy at a price a little expensive, but the quality is guaranteed.

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