Department of Architecture or also called Architecture program is a Department in which students will be educated to understand the art and science of designing buildings. Whereby when students graduate will receive a Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Architecture.

Architecture is majoring in the study of science related to the planning, design, and construction of buildings taking into account these factors and the building structure, aesthetics, and the environment.

Vitruvius states that the sector in a building must have a value of beauty, usefulness, and strength. If an architecture does not apply all three aspects the balance of the building, there will be no value.

Department of Architecture at Work

If you want to be an architect, you have to have a stock or a sufficient ability to choose the architecture program. An architect should have the capability of art, science, math, technology, humanities, and so on.

If you do not master the basic science that it will be difficult for you to be a fabulous architect. The function of studying basic science trains us and enrich the source of inspiration for an architect.

Employment Prospects Department of Architecture

How are employment prospects architectural engineering program? According to the human need for buildings that significantly increased and to build a state, is needed the professional architect, who can make a stunning building and has many uses.

You should follow the educational program in the field of architecture to become a licensed architect. The employment prospects of the architectural engineering department as following.

1. Independent Architect Consultant

The one prospect of an architecture graduation program can work independently or freelance. You can create a design for a building or can also participate in the construction according to the plan that you do. If you become an architect in the design and construction, usually you will be responsible in terms of building.

2. A Permanent or Non-Permanent Employee

An engineering graduate of the architecture program could become a permanent or non-permanent employee. The duty of an architect usually will handle all of the design processes.

You can become a critical role when working in the consultancy firm of architects. Such as computer specialist, specification writer, building controller, designer architect, construction documentary, cost estimator, and project architect.

3. Developer

Architecture program graduates can also work in company developers or housing developments. Here you can also design buildings that will be built by developers. You can also be responsible for the process of developing a field monitor design that has been created.

4. Contractors

An engineering graduate of architecture program could also work in the contracting company. Usually, in a contracting company, you can work to design and carry out development according to the client’s request.

Your role in the company’s contractors is also very numerous and varied, such as marketing, administration, and contract maker.

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