What is the bedroom suite? Let’s look it up in the dictionary. The suite rooms are rooms devoted to unity so that in the hotel – the hotel, the bedrooms, the living room and sat merged into one, only the bathroom are separated.

The distinguish of this bedroom suite and another room are beside the bedroom and bathroom. Another area is similar to a living room, including a few sofas or chairs. Well, considering there is extra space, the spacious rooms are more significant than the Deluxe/Superior Room.

Some hotels still subdivide Suite Room into a Junior Suite, Business Suite or Executive Suite. Generally, the size of the suites has a bedroom and bathroom broader, more complete bathroom amenities, the coffee machine itself, until facilities such as waiting rooms (living room).

In other words, the structure of a standard room where the bedroom and bathroom as one-room, suite-type rooms are equipped with a living room and a sitting room. Therefore the room is a very great extent. It is provided in the smallest size and most large 50m2 to 300m2.

Usually, the rooms are sized up to 50m2 called Junior Suite and present in many 4-star hotels. To book the bedroom suite, the prices suite the most expensive in Indonesia could range from hundreds of millions, or for a small car.

Even, class suite on the top junior suite bedroom has a different living room with lounge room. In-suite amenities also use luxurious brands (luxury). The bathtub has a separate shower, and its shape is also different, there is a circle, there is a semi Jacuzzi.

With the average price of tens of millions, the bedroom suite must be cleaned every day and maintained regularly. It is even if not used for ten months of the year because this is the room that symbolizes that hotel.

Perhaps, therefore, the word ‘Royal’ or ‘Presidential’ is often also used for the term bedroom suite. That means not only the size of the room only be referred to as the Suite. Furniture and all the goods that were used were the goods of the highest quality.

Even the paintings that hung in it also could have been the work of a famous painter. Each hotel operates a bedroom suite with a unique name. New York St. Regis is decorated his room with branded goods and called Dior Dior Suite.

Then, Bentley Suite decorated with material goods and interior of the car is expensive Bentley whereas Tiffany Suite is designed with color and products from Tiffany & Co. Some hotels provide 24-hour service butler-like kings and presidents.

They receive personal butler services or even beyond our imagination intending to make the visitors have a comfortable stay.

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