If you spend most of the time in the room, of course, curious about how to have rest and activities that are comfortable, a good view, and practice room, decorating these areas you could make yourself in the real world as you wish.

To make it, also not complicated anyway, even you can use the objects around you to decorate the room. You can make bedroom design as you want by decorating it using simple things and ways.

The first, bedroom design is decorating bedroom using photography. Don’t hesitate to be creative with what you have. For example, photographs that had been stored in your camera. You could print photos of people you love, and stacking follows many forms neatly.

You can change the shape of the order according to the style you want, not just heart-shaped. You need double-sided tape to attach a photo to the wall.

If you don’t want your picture quickly broken for display without using a frame, you can laminate first. Besides neater, laminating can protect your photos from dust flying and liquids.

The second, to make your bedroom design, you can make it in this way. Your bedroom will also seem engaging with a decorative mosquito net over the bunk.

You could also combine and match among netting with tumblr lamps more visible so that your room is cozy and warm. Besides functioning as a decoration of the room, this net can also protect you from mosquito bites that often come to the room.

Nevertheless, do not be shocked if you are somewhat sweltering during sleep using these nets. But, you can always open the netting and tie the ends with ribbon or twine used to look beautiful and make air circulation remains smoothly.

The third, you also can drop to light lanterns or cotton ball in your bedroom design. The color of the light is also varied; you can choose according to your favorite color.

As a suggestion, you can choose to dim or dark colors so that the lights are not too bright and can help you sleep more soundly. You could decorate the room with lanterns or cotton ball, and it is so simple; you can place them as you wish.

Hang vertically to follow the angle of your bedroom will also look good. Or you can hang these lights on the shelves of your books and develop the frame of your bookshelf.

If you want a little more creative, you can use a real tree trunk (which have been cleaned and smoothed) then hang the lanterns or cotton ball in the branches of a tree that looks like fruit.

Good luck and be creative!

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