Nowadays, technology grows fast, and people cannot be separated by the internet to access all the information they need. People can browse it using the internet directly and quickly. Some information could be found in the blog, websites, etc.

Website architecture is an appearance to site plan and outlining which, same architecture itself, includes practical, technical, and artistic criteria.

As in typical architecture, the point is really on the user and the user’s needs. These require special attention to web content, business plan, usability, interaction design, and information architecture and web design.

For effective search engine optimization, it needs to have an appreciation of how a Web site linked to the World Wide Web.


Baliwebs is one of the architecture design websites. This website has so many categories, such as architecture and interior design, artwork and photographs, etc. In this website category, the design, and architecture of a website that is designed for enterprise architecture or building.

This category can also be used for real estate websites, structural engineering, architecture, and consulting. They offer the appropriate solution in the form of a website created specifically for your business. It is the first step to grow the business without seeing how big the business is run, without limitation of time and space.

They claim that the development of their architecture design websites will be started from the research and analysis of the profile of the company, summary of competitors, and ease of access.

So, customers make the website effectively and optimally. This website supports the marketing division as a tool presentation that can be accessed from anywhere with no limits of space and time.

Baliwebs offer their services as follows:

  • Making a website from scratch with research and analysis to the design and content.
  • Redesign with the latest technology that is already owned website to improve the functioning of the site as a promotional tool to be optimized.
  • E-commerce, online shop, or online catalogue is a web services development from us.

The system of online shopping/shopping cart can create interactive between internet users with the system; ranging from the selection of items of goods, shipping information, or email notification.

With an e-commerce website, you can enter the item number of products in the category without limit. The support system that we developed allows you to arrange the products that you sell through your website neatly.

FLO Arsitektur

This architecture design website contains the psychological concept of neo-feng shui architecture. It is a design approach by combining the consideration of human psychology, the psychology of the building as well as the application of the principles of Feng Shui philosophy thousands of years old.

The differences psychological concept of neo-feng shui with others is feng shui has a mean of human life in harmony with nature. It is about the regularity and beauty of our natural balance without losing the purpose and direction that we wish to achieve.

These concepts are research results in a logical order by philosophers thousands of years ago and together with modern architecture. Psychological analysis of neo-feng shui do not conflict and can be accounted technically architecturally, and has proven its effectiveness.

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