An architect is an expert in the fields of architecture, engineering experts or experts of the built environment. The term architect is often interpreted narrowly as a building designer. An architect is the people involved in planning, designing, and overseeing construction of the building. This people role is to guide decisions that affect any aspect of the building in terms of aesthetics, cultural, or social issues.

The definition is less appropriate for the scope of work of an architect is very broad. It is ranging from interior space, building, the complex of buildings, up to the city, and regional scope. Therefore, more precisely define the architect as an expert in the fields of architecture, design expert, or the built environment.

And by the way, we may proud of what we have achieved in the advancement of science and technology. Maybe we think that solar power plants, wind, and the other are an advanced technology that was discovered by scientists in modern times. But we certainly don’t believe that the ancient civilization had already invented the design of similar technology.

1. Design of Windmills

Windmill ancient in Persia is one of the oldest mills ever built and be an architecture created by humans. The mill was made by the Persian civilization about 3000 years ago.

These wind-pumps were used to pump water and grind grain. The reed plants are bound together to form the pads and placed on the central axis. The windmill is made carefully because almost every piece is made by hand.

The mechanism of architecture is simple. All the other civilizations have known the windmills of the time. Some countries still use this mechanism in the modern era. In a way, these ancient windmills are the precursor of today’s windmills which are used as wind energy.

2. Persian Wind Tower

However, from ancient Persian civilization, wind towers were used by Persians to air ventilate systems in their homes. It has such a complicated architecture; their ventilation system is much more complex than the present ventilation scheme in our houses.

A ventilation system with modern technology may only rival ventilation systems that they developed at least 2,000 years ago. The concept is to utilize a combination of differences in air pressure and environmental-climate adjustment in the Persian region.

3. Utilization of Solar Energy

The ancient Greek civilization has discovered the utilization of solar energy. If we use solar cells to generate electricity, the ancient Greeks use it as a backup heat during winter.

The concept of architecture is so simple. The architect makes a building facing toward the sun. All buildings are planned like that to catch as much sunshine as possible. The building gets sunlight much in the daytime because the sun is lower than its roof.

When at night, the entire Roman civilization was one step further by adding glass to absorb the sun’s heat to the full. It turns out that the use of solar power has been around for a long time.

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